BlackPoint Distribution

About Us

Our Mission

It is our goal to exceed your expectations. We will work with your vision and your budget and provide you with the best of our creativity, professional expertise, outstanding organizational abilities, and deep knowledge of resources and contacts. Our staff is highly trained with diversity in all aspects of International Business, Global Shipping/Distribution and Federal, State and Local Government relations. We will continue to challenge all of our business processes to achieve and exceed our customers and groups key performance indicators in operational and commercial sectors. We will never stop striving to beat our customers’ expectations.

Today, we are becoming the top leading providers of agricultural products, with distribution center partners strategically located to deliver products with the industry’s fastest turnaround time. Our sales force are also experts in all areas of agricultural commodities, and are ready to assist you in every way possible. In this business, experience makes the difference — and that’s the difference BlackPoint Distribution can make to your operations.

Our Team

Our team is made up of experienced professionals who are committed to delivering exceptional service. We invest in the training and development of our staff to ensure that they are equipped with the skills and knowledge required to meet the evolving needs of our clients.
Executive Team
Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board for BlackPoint Enterprises
Kevin Kellems
Chief Operating Officer & Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors
Rob Lundstrom

Chief Financial Officer

Commodity Experts
Salome Gasabile
Africa Advisor
Greg Ingermann, M.S.
Commodities Portfolio Manager
Executive Director of Iberoamerica
Alan Scherer
Product Director
Carlos Wong
EVP of International Relations