BlackPoint Distribution

Sergio Matviuk, Ph.D.

Executive Director Iberoamerica

Dr. Sergio Matviuk is originally from Argentina and presently lives in Tulsa, OK.
Sergio joined the Blackpoint Distribution team as the executive director of Iberoamerican market, which is composed of all the world´s Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries.
Dr. Matviuk has conducted business in virtually all Latin American countries and Spain for more than 25 years and also has a robust portfolio of clients and commodities suppliers in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Throughout his career Sergio Has also served in executive positions in the higher education industry and consulting industry, as program director, executive director of global affairs, vice-president, and CEO.

Dr. Sergio Matviuk possesses a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership with concentration in global leadership and global business and he is a sought-after consultant and speaker on cross-cultural leadership, international trade, and the use of technology for business growth and development.

Sergio enjoys exercising regularly as he goes to the gym several times a week, and also paints in his spare time as he values art. Dr. Matviuk passion is to make organizations and international trade more efficient to supply much-needed food throughout the world at affordable prices to build a happier and better world.