BlackPoint Distribution

Shane Kever

Shane Kever

Vice President of Finance

Shane Kever, BlackPoint’s Vice President of Finance, is an accomplished entrepreneur and visionary leader who has founded three thriving businesses, each with a unique mission and purpose.

Mr. Kever joined Blackpoint Distribution in 2021 initially to assist with the fulfillment need for the finance team. Since then, Shane has been instrumental in the finance division’s success.

With his background in finance over the last 20 years Kever brings a highly valued perspective to the team. Duties include but are not limited to assisting Blackpoint representatives –as well as the Chief Financial Operator –in maintaining a successful environment for transactions to be reviewed and completed timely.

In 2019, Kever founded Invested Together, a company that brings people together to invest in real estate. With a focus on community-building and collaboration, Invested Together has helped investors achieve their financial goals while enhancing the community.

In 2012, Kever founded S & D Restoration, a company dedicated to restoring homes and commercial real estate to help create a better and more prosperous community. Through hard work and dedication, S & D Restoration has become a trusted name in the industry, helping many areas of the community improve property and neighborhoods.

In 2008, Kever founded VSI Home Lending, a business that helps individuals and families achieve the dream of home ownership. With a team of experienced professionals and a commitment to personalized service, VSI Home Lending quickly became a go-to resource for those seeking mortgage loan products that are tailored to their individual needs.

As the founder and CEO of these companies, Shane Kever has demonstrated a unique ability to identify market opportunities and turn them into successful businesses. With a keen eye for innovation and a passion for helping others. Kever continues to make a positive impact on many lives and intends on continuing to inspire others to pursue their dreams and ambitions.